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Wiring and Connectors Recommended Practice (RP)

Dateline 11/20/05:  We have more news!!!  As a result of ongoing discussions and investigations into better ways to connect power in our NTRAK modules, there is a new Recommended Practice (RP), namely, the Powerpole RP!

You can read the new RP in fine detail at Powerpole Recommended Practice or you can download an Adobe PDF file at Powerpole Recommended Practice PDF*.

The following quick reference guide will quickly get you up and running with the new Power Pole connectors at Powerpole Quick Reference Guide or you can download an Adobe PDF file at Powerpole Quick Reference Guide PDF*.

If you wish to attach Powerpoles by crimping (you can also solder them), there are number of tools available. Three common tools are compared in  Powerpole Crimp Tool Comparison, also downloadable as Powerpole Crimp Tool Comparison PDF*.

And what new RP would be complete without its own Frequently Asked Questions document?  Answers to the most common user questions that have come up so far for the new RP are at  Powerpole Frequently Asked Questions, also downloadable as Powerpole Frequently Asked Questions PDF*.

If you want to learn more about how the new RP was developed, and why, you can check out the details at Powerpole Original Proposal

*You should use the current version of Acrobat Reader®, downloadable for free from Adobe at http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep.html, to view these PDF files.


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